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RIT Services Overview

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Johns Hopkins University aims to provide world-class Research Information Technology (Research IT) as a core mission of the IT organization. This strategic, transformative work will make research easier, more efficient, and rewarding. The ongoing value from this work will help place Johns Hopkins University at the forefront of data science and analytics, supporting a rich and diverse landscape of scientific research in engineering, medicine, and arts and sciences. ​With this vision, Research IT has launched various services as a part of the secure research infrastructure (targeted for NIST 800-171 compliance by December 2024) to support the research community here at Johns Hopkins.

DISCOVERY (Research HPC) is the research-focused high-performance computing cluster (HPC). It is PHI complaint for both analysis and storage and a future compliance target environment of NIST 800-171. SAFER & SAFE (Desktop) will be the gateway to the rest of the RIT services. The cluster is managed by the JH Research IT (RIT) group in collaboration with Cloud & Virtualization Services, and JH Engineering Services. 

SAFESTOR (Storage) is the Network Attached Storage (NAS) for research purpose that is a secure and protected data storage option supported by Research IT@JH. Accessible from the SAFE Desktop and SAFER, SAFESTOR option is highly scalable and performant while offering data protection.  

SAFER & SAFE (Desktop) SAFER (Secure Analytic Framework Environment for Research) Research Virtual Desktop and SAFE (Secure Analytic Framework Environment) Desktop are designed to empower researchers, enhance collaboration with internal and external researchers, and accelerate scientific discovery. Whether you’re analyzing protected data, conducting simulations, or collaborating with colleagues, SAFER and SAFE Desktop provide a secure and efficient Windows workspace. It is the gateway to the rest of the RIT Services.